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The Joy Of The Egg Hunt

Psalm 119:161–168 161SCHIN. Princes have persecuted me without a cause: But my heart standeth in awe of thy word. 162I rejoice at thy word, As one that findeth great spoil. 163I hate and abhor lying: But thy law do I love. 164Seven times a day do I praise thee Because of thy righteous judgments. 165Great peace have they which love thy law: And nothing shall offend them. 166Lord, I have hoped for thy salvation, And done thy commandments. 167My soul hath kept thy testimonies; And I love them exceedingly. 168I have kept thy precepts and thy testimonies: For all my ways are before thee.


I suppose there are benefits to being an adult but there are also a lot of drawbacks, for instance, nobody hides my Easter eggs for me anymore.

I remember the joy I experienced in finding an egg in some well-hidden spot, the ones laying out in the open didn’t excite me much but those that required effort really brought a feeling of accomplishment. I miss those days!

There are positives to getting older, now I get to hide the eggs.

I may not get to carry a basket and rejoice at every discovery, but I can watch the eyes of a child light up and hear them shout and laugh when they locate an egg that I hid for them to find. My granddaughter will soon be old enough to watch as she wears a little white or yellow dress and fills her basket with goodies that granddad carefully placed for her. Won’t that be fun? I will know where they are hidden and will feel some excitement as she gets closer. I guess it ain’t so bad, being the adult.

One other thing, as I get even older, I already anticipate the possibility of hiding the eggs from myself, so there is yet another stage coming for me. Oh, what joy!

Ok, so what is the point?

Psalm 119:162 I rejoice at thy word, As one that findeth great spoil.

The Bible has so many treasures buried within it; I often catch myself rejoicing at the truths God helps me uncover. The surface lessons certainly bring blessings, but those that require effort deliver just a little bit more. I often feel like a little child telling everyone to look at the shiny bright egg I found. I rejoice at the Lord’s Word like one that finds great spoil! Someone asked, “why did God make his Word sometimes so confusing and so difficult to understand?” Could one reason be that the search is part of the gift?

There is joy in the hunt and rejoicing in the discovery of hidden things!

I can’t help but think of the joy my Heavenly Father has in watching his children find the treasures he has hidden for them to find? If I know the feeling of watching my children in their discoveries, how much more does he?

So dear reader, put forth the effort to search God’s Word and don’t miss the chance to rejoice at what he has so lovingly hidden for you there!

Scripture Reading for 11/10/20

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