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I’m Just Sitting Here Watching Zombies

Devotional thoughts from Psalm 119:129–131

Psalm 119:129–131

129  Thy testimonies are wonderful:

Therefore doth my soul keep them.

130  The entrance of thy words giveth light;

It giveth understanding unto the simple.

131  I opened my mouth, and panted:

For I longed for thy commandments.

I sit this morning in a restaurant surrounded by the smell of coffee brewing and the sound of some people laughing. The people laughing are employees of this little shop who have been up for a while and have partaken of their products. It certainly was not the customers laughing, they are coming in like a scene from the walking dead but thankfully are leaving with a little lift from their initial dosage of caffeine.

Why am I here? I am hungry, duh.

My belly is full, my stomach stopped growling and my grogginess is gone but I am still hungry. I have eaten my coffee and sipped my eggs but I am still hungry. Ok, so maybe I am still a little groggy. I came here this morning because I am hungry, but not for something this little shop makes or sells. I come here often because there is something about this environment that calms my mind and helps me focus on the thing I really crave, God’s Word. I, like a deer, come panting and longing for sustenance for survival (vs. 131). I don’t mean to sound overly spiritual. I don’t always recognize my craving. Very often, I don’t accurately perceive these internal longings. I recognize that empty filling as a hunger or thirst for something I can eat, do or see. Deep down however, I understand what I need is fellowship with my creator. His words are wonderful (vs. 129), they give direction and understanding to my simple mind (vs.130). Perhaps you say, “but Mr. Bald Believer, I don’t get anything when I read my Bible?”

In verse 130 the Bible says, “The entrance of they words giveth light...”

These morning zombies I watch today can only get their liquid life by coming in through the door of this shop. A passing view does not get anything inside. We too can only find our fulfillment from the Word when we actually enter into it. I am hungry for something eternal and wonderful, I think you are too. Let’s find time to truly enter and be filled.

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