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Holding On Till He Comes To The Rescue

A devotional thought from Psalms 25:16-22

Have you ever read a portion of the Bible and thought, “that perfectly describes my situation right now”? That was my reaction to this reading from Psalms this morning.

I have been physically sick for weeks, I am busy, tired and have been very sad. My thoughts have been less than spiritual which is the reason that I haven’t written in a while. In spite of my unfaithfulness my God was faithful to speak to me this morning through his Word.

Listen to David’s situation as he begs God to turn his face towards him and come to his rescue.

What reason does he give for the good Lord to show him mercy? Will the psalmist give a resume of past faithfulness? Will he make promises for future service? Why does David believe that God should give him mercy?

Turn thee unto me, and have mercy upon me;
For I am desolate and afflicted Psalm 25:16

David asks for mercy not based upon his great deeds but upon his great needs.

He is desolate, in other words he is alone and lonely.

He is afflicted, perhaps that means that he is sick.

We must be very careful in times of physical sickness because it does affect our thinking.

The troubles of my heart are enlarged:
O bring thou me out of my distresses. Psalm 25:17

David was heartbroken. When he said that the troubles of his heart are enlarged I imagine that those concerns that captivate his heart’s focus have increased to the point where it feels like that figurative organ will literally burst. I know the feeling of heart hurts all too well.

Look upon mine affliction and my pain;
And forgive all my sins. Psalm 25:18

Again, the psalmist’s hope for help is in the mercy of God not in his own merit. He asks his Lord to look at his condition. He is so confident in the heart of God that he feels that if he will just see the need then he will not deny help. David, recognizes his need for forgiveness. When we understand our sinful condition then it changes the way we approach our God. We have no right to make demands upon him based upon ourselves. Our expectations come from his goodness not our own.

Consider mine enemies; for they are many;
And they hate me with cruel hatred. Psalm 25:19

David knows that God loves an underdog and comes to the aid of the outnumbered. God’s heart is drawn toward the one that is otherwise unloved so David’s plea is for the Creator to consider his enemies and their hatred.

O keep my soul, and deliver me:
Let me not be ashamed; for I put my trust in thee. Psalm 25:20

David recognizes that his only hope is that God keep him and preserve him, his trust is completely in the Lord.

Let integrity and uprightness preserve me;
For I wait on thee. Psalm 25:21

It is important when waiting on the Lord in times of loneliness and sickness to not make rash decisions that we will later regret. I understand enough about myself to know that when I am sick and lonely I am most tempted to let my integrity go. Hold tightly to integrity and do right. Don’t give up because the good Lord is on the way and there is no reason to make the situation worse just before he arrives to make things better.

Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his troubles. Psalm 25:22

I find it so interesting that in the midst of all of his pain the psalmist chooses to close by praying for others. There is something about the trial that can make a person self centered. The world talks non stop about self love and care but the Scriptures speak about forgetting ones self and I am convinced that is an important component of contentment. If you are holding on for Jesus to come to the rescue don’t let the difficulty distract you from caring for others.

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