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Would you read with me?

I have had a few of you, my friends and family in Christ, ask about how I determine what I will write on each morning.

I am presently reading through five portions of Scripture every day and if time permits and as the good Lord leads, I select one from which to share my thoughts. I am reading a portion from the Psalms, then the other poetic books, the gospels and the epistles in order to complete this year along with a portion from the prophets to complete in two years.

I am taking a break from the law and historical books in order to focus and to keep from getting overwhelmed.

It occurred to a some of us that we could read together. If you want to read with me that would thrill my soul. You don't have to be a bald believer to read with the Bald Believer in case you were wondering.

In the future, I will try to include the other references to that day's readings just in case some want to join. Here are today's readings along with tomorrow's in case you want to get ahead.

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